GreenPlanet Wholesale Catalogue 2020

The GreenPlanet Wholesale Catalogue of 2020 was my first experience designing a catalogue over 50 pages. Although I found this task daunting at the beginning, I soon discovered my love for editorial design. The GreenPlanet Wholesale catalogue of 2020 represents the 1700+ products carried by different vendors under GreenPlanet Wholesale’s distribution before the year of 2020.

I was really thrown in at the deep end with this one, but through research, practice and perseverance, I was able to successfully complete this project. The client was very happy with the overall outcome, style and aesthetic of this catalogue. I had a lot of funny working with spot-UV and foiling to really enhance visual aspects of the cover and inner cover.

What software did I use?

What skills did I use?

Who Did I Work With?

We created two versions of this catalogue. 500 copies perfect bound with the catalogue name on the spine and 500 spiral bound. One of the most useful things I learned from getting the two prints was that spiral bound was much more effective for the majority of our cliental. The people who use this catalogue most are the owners and managers of hydroponic, garden and hardware stores. It just makes sense to have the spiral bind to make it easier to flip through when they are ordering in stock for customers.

This little tip became very useful when I was creating the catalogue for 2022. I’s also an experience that reminds me to always keep the customer/user in mind when designing. For the 2022 print, we printed the entire order spiral bound. This helped cut costs and also made the catalogue more user friendly.

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