GreenPlanet Wholesale Catalogue 2022

The GreenPlanet Wholesale catalogue of 2022 represents the 1700+ products carried by different vendors under GreenPlanet Wholesale’s distribution.

My attention to detail and flair for aesthetics really helped me to ensure this project ran smoothly. By the time I sent the final documents to print, I was confident I had minimized the chances of typos, mistakes and errors. My past work with other catalogue projects really aided my process as I knew what kind of issues and errors to look out for.

What software did I use?

What skills did I use?

Who Did I Work With?

Client Testimonial: Billy James

General Manager of Marketing, GreenPlanet Wholesale, Surrey BC.

” I worked in partnership with Ellen over this 8-month project. Ellen, throughout the project, showed dedication, accountability, and independence.
From the early stages of the brief she took the new direction from stakeholders to showcase her creativity and creative direction.
She worked with other department heads to ensure the catalogue was not only visually stimulating but also contained the correct information.
She sourced a printer and negotiated prices to meet the company’s demands and find cost savings where we could.
I enjoyed working in partnership with Ellen, as with her self-led attitude, she was able to ensure the task stayed on track and within budget. At the same time, I was able to fulfill my duties as the marketing lead.”

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