There “Grows” the Neighbourhood Campaign Concept

The GreenPlanet Nutrients catalogue of 2019 represents the 30+ plant nutrient products created and sold by GreenPlanet Nutrients. This project was my first time creating a product booklet for print. This is catalogue was where my love for editorial design was born. I learned an incredible amount while designing the booklet and really fine tuned my InDesign skills.
The image displayed above is one of the visual concepts I created and submitted for the campaign. The campaigns goal was to promote the GreenPlanet Nutrients. The basic concept was that by using GreenPlanet Nutrients, you would get such astonishing growth that you would be the talk of the neighbourhood. We began brainstorming with the intentions of running the campaign for several months over both digital and print platforms. We hoped the outlandish and almost cartoonish photo imagery, as well as the whacky humour would help the campaign stand out from the competition.
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