Video Animation Direction – GreenPlanet Nutrients

In order to complete 5 informative videos explaining Green Planet Nutrient’s 5 feed programs, I collaborated with an outsourced professional animator. This decision allowed me to focus on script writing and optimized visual communication. The main goal of these videos was to break down each feed program into it’s unique selling points, allowing customers to make informed decisions on the products they were going to invest in for their gardens.

*Although these videos were released at 1080p, but for storage reasons etc. I have uploaded lower quality versions

I provided word for word scripts, as well as detailed illustrations and reference images for the animator to incorporate into each video. Myself and the animator communicated back and forth over interactive storyboards to ensure each animation matched our project goal. My proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and experience with Adobe After Effects made this process very manageable and enjoyable. You can click the button below to check out some of the scripting and storyboarding process.

Here are the other 4 videos from the series we created, all using the same process outlined above!

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